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John Smolen, P.E., P.S. has proven in the modern era that an enduring authentic timber covered bridge will enhance a community more than any other single infrastructure improvement.


During his acclaimed 40-year career, John is responsible for designing over 250 bridges and for revitalizing Ohio’s byways with efficient, economic, elegant, award-winning wooden transportation structures, which have boosted local businesses and pride.


The timber covered bridges John designs are considered structural art, long lasting, practical, symbolic, capable of carrying modern legal loads and ideal for one-day excursions by today’s motoring public.


Covered bridges are praised by hikers, bikers and tourists as shelter providing destinations, while merchants and restaurant owners welcome them as superb engines for economic development. 


And, quite frankly, when a new covered bridge is built, the responsible county engineer and county commissioners are praised by their constituents.  


Smolen Engineering is a small, multi-disciplined firm with low overhead.  As a result, even though our skills are second to none, our design fees are less than the competition.


For more information on how to fund and bring an authentic covered bridge to your community, call 440-576-0505 or email John at

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