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We do not "nickle and dime" our clients.  Instead, we typically work on a flat fee and rarely charge for extras like portal to portal travel to attend meetings.

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Covered Bridges

Our designs for authentic timber covered bridges drive transformation and economic development in communities.  They serve as "green", durable, long-lasting transportation infrastructure as well as the subjects of four-season imagery the traveling public craves and never tires of visiting.  

Medical Facilities

In the short span of two months the architect at Smolen Engineering created detailed designs and specifications for a state-of-the-art 6,000 s/f heart catheterization laboratory addition to the Ashtabula County Medical Center. The facility featured a complicated curvilinear connection to the existing building as well as the addition of exam rooms, offices, an upscale waiting area and a second floor ready for a future buildout. 

Hospital Dormitories

Due to unprecidented growth, Glenbeigh Hospital commissioned Smolen Engineering in 2012 and, again, in 2014 to design two 6,600 s/f dormitories at their bucolic campus in Rock Creek, Ohio.  Both buildings have proven to be remarkably sturdy, energy efficient and easy to maintain. 

Greenways & Bike Routes


Smolen Engineering is proud to have designed the "H" connector bike path and trailhead in Washingtonville, Ohio, which serves as a key Columbiana County linkage in the 100-mile Great Ohio Lake-to-River Greeway.  We also recently designed a bike route in Fairport Harbor and are completing a lengthy property easement acquisition and preliminary design process for Ashtabula's North Shore Trail.

Roads & Signalization


Safety, drainage, road re-surfacing and lighting were included in the total design and reconstruction of the intersection at SR 307 and SR 46 in Jefferson, Ohio. Engineering services on this project ran the full spectrum from traffic studies to securing necessary public works and department of transportation funding.  

Wastewater Infrastructure


The quiet, residential, lakefront village of Roaming Shores, Ohio is home to more wastewater lift stations than the city of Cleveland.  Smolen Engineering has assisted the community with completing a comprehensive evaluation of its aged wastewater collection system and creating a phased master plan and funding strategy for replacements and upgrades.  

Public Buildings


Faced with a pressing need to expand its building footprint and a limited budget, the Ashtabula County Dept. of Jobs & Family Services challenged Smolen Engineering to design a $1.2 million expansion using finishing's, which appeared and functioned high-end, but were inexpensive to purchase and install.       

Commercial Buildings


Smolen Engineering has participated in the design of distinctive commercial buildings at the I-90 interchange in Austinburg, Ohio,  which include a Honda car and Volvo-Mack truck dealership.   We designed every component of the Honda store and the interior of the expansive 55,000 square foot Volvo-Mack dealership.  The pre-cast concrete Volvo building features 70' long span double-tees providing open space for 28 service bays and a 15,000 square foot warehouse. 

Roof Replacements


The most troublesome maintenance item for most commercial buildings is the roof.  Smolen Engineering has made a science out of designing and bidding extraordinarily durable and cost-effective roofs for public clients.  Our recent involvement with roofing improvements at building complexes that house facilities for developmental disabilities, children's services and a courthouse were instrumental in relieving client stress and risks inherent with such projects. 

Heavy Industry

Smolen Engineering is often called upon by large manufacturing and industry to design a wide range of improvements for implementation in often challenging and caustic work environments; namely, chemical laboratories, reinforced concrete press foundations, roofs, chemical storage facilities, outbuildings, storm drainage, repurposing of office and training buildings and more.   

Project Management

As a small, but versatile design firm with multiple skill sets we possess the capacity to go beyond field inspection and provide construction and project management.  Our recent efforts in this area can be observed at Hearthside Grove Lake Erie - an expansive luxury motorcoach resort adjacent to Geneva State Park and Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio.   


Due to our unmatched experience with timber covered bridges and glue-laminated trusses, we are exceptionally qualified to design distinctive outdoor pavilions such as the Hidden Lake Shelter (left) at the Lake County MetroParks.  Our covered shelter design experience also includes the one-of-a-kind iconic Covered Bridge Entertainment Pavilion in Jefferson, Ohio, which will serve the community for multiple generations and require minimal maintenance. 


During the initial planning stages of many projects the soft touch of an artist's marker can make a more compelling statement than the exacting hard lines generated in AutoCAD.  

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