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"By choice we remain a small, flexible, full-service design firm that carefully selects who we engage as clients."

                                                                                     John Smolen

Bridge Engineering - Hydraulic Analysis, Abutment/Pier Design, Superstructure Plans & Specifications, Finite Element Analysis, Annual Bridge Inspections & Load Ratings, Covered Bridges.


Research and Application Preparation of Grant/Loan Funding - Grant & Loan Assistance and Approval (OPWC, ARC, ODOT, OWDA, Preservation Office, Private Fundraising Consulting).


Storm Drainage - Analysis & Design of Drainage.    


Systems - Stormwater Detention/Retention, Lake Design and Analysis.    


Water Service Distribution - Analysis & Modeling of Existing Systems. 


Proposed Systems - Tower & Storage Tank Design, Booster Pump Station Design, Distribution Line Plan.


Building Design Services - Design of New & Existing Buildings, Healthcare, Commercial, Industrial.


Construction Services - Project Management and Construction Inspection.


Sanitary Sewer Systems - Sanitary Sewer System Analysis, Lift Station Design, Sanitary Sewer System Trenchless Rehabilitation, Infiltration and Inflow Studies, Sanitary Sewer Line Plans and Specifications and On-Site Treatment Systems.


Environmental Services - Environmental Site Assessments and Wetland Delineation.


Structure Design & Engineering - Load Bearing Element Design, CAD & Drafting Services, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical Plans & Specifications, Conceptual Renderings.


Land Development - Master Planning, Subdivision Development Plans, Surveying, Construction Lay-out, Feasibility Studies.




ODOT Pre-Qualification Status:

ROADWAY - Bicycle Facilities & Enhancement Desig, Non-Complex Road Design




BRIDGE DESIGN - Level 1& Level 2


BRIDGE INSPECTION - Minor Bridge Inspection


  • Park & Bike Path Design

  • Land Development

  • Commercial Building Design

  • Bridge Engineering & Feasibility Stud

  • Construction Inspection

  • Water Service Distribution

  • Sanitary Sewer Systems

  • Projec

  • Erosion & Water Control

  • Storm Drainage Systems

  • Environmental Services

  • Roadway Design

  • Private Fundraising Consulting

  • Grant/Loan Funding

  • Renderings

  • Design for Oil & Gas Exploration

  • Emergency Design S

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